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The Killing and Destruction Must Stop: It Is Time to End the Ukraine War

EuropeWar and Foreign Policy


The Ukraine war brings death and destruction with no end in sight. Instead of encouraging more fighting, Western political leaders need to face reality and find a way to end this conflict.

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The Fed Is Losing Tens of Billions: How Are Individual Federal Reserve Banks Doing?

Money and Banks

The Federal Reserve System was originally conceived not as a unitary central bank, but as 12 regional reserve banks. It has evolved a long way toward being a unitary organization since then.

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The Fed: Harming the Economy for over a Century

The FedInflationUnemploymentU.S. EconomyU.S. History


While we criticize the Fed for its monetary predations over the past few years, we really should look at the harm the Fed has caused for more than a century. Its record is abysmal.

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The Great Phony Disinflation Enters Its Finale

The FedInflationMonetary PolicyPolitics


Supposedly, the "big news" is the decline of inflation. However, the monetary and political forces driving the latest bout of inflation have not gone away.

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The Coming Collapse of the Global Ponzi Scheme

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyThe FedU.S. Economy


In the global Ponzi scheme, thin air and deceit substitute for sound money. As hedge-fund manager Mitch Feierstein ...

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The State Protects Itself While Crime against Ordinary People Surges

U.S. History


The regime has increasingly been consumed with paranoia over threats to itself—propagandistically termed "threats to democracy"—while real crime against private citizens is clearly not a priority at all. 

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Thanks to Government, Maui's Lahaina Fire Became a Deadly Conflagration

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismEconomic Policy


While progressives blame climate change for the deadly Lahaina fire, government created the conditions for the blaze and then helped set it.

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The European Energy Crisis May Be Back Soon

The Environment


The European Union should have abandoned ideological decisions and allowed technology, competition, and industry to provide the optimal solution that delivers a competitive and secure supply of energy. 

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