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The Libertarian Party at Fifty Years

AntipoliticsDemocracyLibertarianismThe Police State


Economic libertarianism, with its sole focus on government budgets and taxation, is a highly limiting political strategy. Libertarians should proceed as enemies of the state.

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The Five Stages of Totalitarianism

LiberalismSocialismThe Police State


Totalitarian societies do not become that way overnight. There are recognizable signs and stages which show how a society slides into that abyss.

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Thanks, Fed Economists: Inflation Surges Yet Again as Real Wages Drop


Not since 1981 has the inflation rate been higher than May's rate of 8.6%. Meanwhile, the Fed's idea of "quantitative tightening" is cutting its portfolio 0.5% over eight months. 

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The Fair Tax Is the Tax That Will Not Die

Economic PolicyTaxes and Spending


The Fair Tax is a supposed alternative to the income tax. But the name does not matter, since a tax is still a tax.

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The Path to Victory

StrategyPolitical Theory

Many of the conventional strategies favored by freedom activists often fail to produce results. Lew Rockwell suggests some alternative strategies.

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The Russian Economy and the Social Contract: The Path to a Deplorable Reality

Economic FreedomSocialismWar and Foreign Policy


When the USSR collapsed, it was hoped that Russia would develop a free market economy and respect individual rights. Unfortunately, the situation there is deteriorating.

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The WHO's Pandemic Treaty: The End of National Sovereignty and Freedom

AntipoliticsBig GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationPaternalismSocialism


The proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty is nothing less than an exercise in medical totalitarianism. Welcome to the rule of the medical bureaucrat.

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The Place of the Austrian School in the Evolution of Economics

World History


The greatness of the nineteenth century consisted in the fact that to some extent the ideas of classical economics became the dominant philosophy of state and society.

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