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The US Taxpayers Have Spent Enough on the War in Afghanistan

War and Foreign Policy

A crony-capitalist, semi-privatized war in Afghanistan, may be cheaper — but it's still an unwarranted occupation financed by taxpayers.
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The US Government Punishes People for Helping Dying Children

The US government prosecuted an American man for trying to help the children that US officials were trying to kill with their sanctions.
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The Cultural Consequences of the Federal Reserve

From the ArchivesMedia and CultureMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

Our inflation and debt-based system encourages our society to adopt a short-term perspective.
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The American Way of War Is a Budget-Breaker

Taxes and SpendingWar and Foreign PolicyPolitical Theory

Perhaps it’s time to finally consider the true costs of America's current wars in lives lost, dollars spent, and opportunities squandered.
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The "Operating System" for Western Civilization

Political Theory

Laissez-faire liberalism is the only "operating system" based on consent.
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The "Curse" of Labor-Saving Machinery Is Nothing New

Free MarketsWorld HistoryPolitical Theory


Amazon's new cashier-less and staff-less store is just the latest move in a long history of innovations that have made workers obsolete.

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