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What the heck is going on? A friend asked. When I started the Institute in 1982, Austrian economics was on the defensive, socialism in the ascendency. Over the next several decades, we made real progress, thanks to our donors and scholars.

Now the Left is on the march. If we listen to the mainstream media, it’s an unstoppable parade of evil. Not so, of course.

Yes, most colleges and universities promote Keynesianism, socialism, even communism. They seek to indoctrinate their students in anti-capitalism, in the alleged glories of the State, in phony history, and every kind of PC nonsense imaginable.

A minority of students are convinced. But not the majority, who keep their heads down in order to get their degrees without trouble, and tend not to be thinkers.

But there is another minority, thank goodness, who push back. They’re polite, but insistent, smart and diligent. It is their intelligence and hard work that even their liberal professors can’t help but admire.

These young people are influenced by the Mises Institute, by our website, free online courses, free online classics of the Austrian school, publications, faculty, and plans for the future.

These are the young people into whose hands we may safely entrust the fight for freedom, if they are properly educated.

And it is from such young people, from a large pool of applicants, that we choose the students to attend Mises University.

Many of our thousands of former students are now professors, and they send us their best. Word spreads, here and abroad, about the unique, even life-changing experience that is Mises University.

This summer is the 36th session, and I don’t mind telling you it’s the high point of our year.

Many students tell us this is college as it ought to be: brilliant faculty who love teaching, smart fellow students hungry to learn, a great campus, and a famous library.

At Mises U. they learn from morning to night, during a host of formal sessions, and during meals and social hours, from professors always open to questions.

From money to entrepreneurship, from banking to methodology, from Keynesianism to Marxism, from central banking to taxation, their days are full. Students learn why freedom means human flourishing, and socialism means not just poverty, but the end of civilization.

As you can imagine, a program like Mises U. isn’t cheap. After all, we’re fighting long years of indoctrination from governmentbiased education, and from the media, Hollywood, and TV. We depend on the generosity of people like you.

We’re determined not to let the academic Antifa’s win. There’s too much at stake. For us and for the future. But though we have the truth on our side, we can’t do anything without you.

Please make a generous, tax-deductible donation to the 2019 Mises University.

In gratitude your name will be prominently displayed during Mises U. on the Honor Roll, and Sponsors of $500 or more will receive a handwritten note from your scholarship recipient(s).

It’s a thrill to see how much this great program, like the Institute, has accomplished over the years. Help us build on that. Everything is at stake.


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Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., is founder and chairman of the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, and editor of LewRockwell.com.

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