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A Message from Jeff Deist

  • Jeff Deist


2020 was a daunting year. Covid-19, crazed government lockdowns, riots in major US cities, and a bruising, divisive national election made all of us sick with worry.

Politics, as usual, made things worse.

Congress and the Fed went crazy with “stimulus.” Debt and deficits soared. Millions of Americans lost their jobs, saw businesses shuttered, and had kids forced to go to school via Zoom. Depression and alcoholism skyrocketed.

But we cannot become demoralized! The world desperately needs the right ideas, namely an undiluted defense of property, markets, and peace. Won’t you take a moment today to support the most uncompromising organization on the planet advancing the right ideas?

The Mises Institute did not pause for Covid-19. We held events around the country, saw our internet traffic spike, published several great books, and led the charge against pandemic hysteria. The politicians and media don’t understand economics, they don’t understand tradeoffs, and don’t understand Hazlitt’s one lesson. Everything is political; nothing is rational or intellectual.

That’s why we need your help for 2021. Will you continue to support our mission by donating today?

You can give stocks, real estate, or other assets that have gone up in value—and in many cases enjoy a full deduction for their value today—without paying a penny of capital gains taxes! We accept precious metals and cryptocurrencies, and are happy to work with your advisor to include the Institute in your estate planning.

So please take a moment today to donate. Go to mises.org/give2020ye.

The Mises Institute is unique. We deeply appreciate your support and engagement. We know many of our supporters and readers personally, and we take our fiduciary responsibility seriously. We are frugal and efficient, producing far more content and holding far more events than organizations with ten times our budget. But we do it thanks to donors like you, not billionaires, big foundations, or government grants.

We wish you peace and prosperity in 2021. Thank you for everything you do to support our mission.


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