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A Commonsense Approach to the Austrian-Mainstream Methodenstreit

Austrian Economics OverviewSubjectivism


Mainstream economists claim that Austrian economics is "discredited" because Austrians use deductive reasoning instead of employing complicated calculus and statistics. The irony is that Austrian analysis is better at explaining real-world economic phenomena.

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A Cliché of Socialism: Under Public Ownership, We the People Own it!

Free MarketsProperty RightsSocialism


Proponents of socialism claim that it promotes ownership "by the people." Yet the people that actually control resources and production are not the same people who allegedly are the "rightful owners" in society

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An Economic Perspective on Accusing Political Opponents of Racism



A winning political strategy, especially among Democrats, is to accuse their political opponents of racism, or at least "closet" racism. Yet simple economic analysis shows such accusations are illogical.

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An Ancient Warning: Criminal Trespass Is the State’s Essential Feature

Legal SystemWorld History


The Bible the ancient Israelites were warned about the dangers of having a government that would tax them heavily and oppress them. They didn't listen.

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Are "Progressive" Prosecutors Real Reformers or Leftists Acting in Bad Faith?

AntipoliticsLegal SystemThe Police State


The surge of "progressive" prosecutors, many funded by George Soros, has been followed by increases in violent crime.

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August's Price Inflation Soared, and That Means Earnings Fell Yet Again

Money and Banks


This is bad news for the administration, which has repeatedly attempted to downplay the relentless increases to the cost of living being inflicted on Americans after years of deficit spending, fueling inflationary monetary policy. 

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