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If America Splits Up, What Happens to the Nukes?

War and Foreign Policy


A divided America remains a wealthy America, and a postsecession America would be wealthy enough to retain a defensive military. Moreover, it's even cheaper to maintain an effective nuclear arsenal than to keep up a large conventional military.

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Is Math Racist? That Does Not Compute

EducationMedia and CultureWorld History


Rather than representing “white supremacy,” the evolution of mathematics has been a globe-, race-, and culture-spanning collaboration of advancements, an ongoing development of more effective tools for anyone to use.

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In the Culture War, Conservatives Turn against Wall Street

Financial Markets


For conservative populists, Wall Street now is the Washington establishment, indistinguishable from the oligarchs of Silicon Valley; Washington, DC; and the New York Times.

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It's Time for Unilateral Free Trade with Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK

Protectionism and Free Trade


Protectionists are always wrong, but they're obviously wrong when it comes to "protecting" US goods from Anglosphere competition. Neither geopolitcal concerns nor fears of capital flight to "cheap labor" apply in this case. 

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Incitement Is Not a Real Crime



Laws against incitement—much like defamation laws—are direct attacks on basic human rights and the freedom of speech. Both place nonviolent people in legal jeopardy merely for the "crime" of expressing opinions. 

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In a Paranoid Nation, "Treason" Is Everywhere

Media and CultureThe Police StateU.S. History


In a free society, peaceful citizens deserve the legal benefit of the doubt. In an age where government agents have endlessly intruded onto people’s land and into their emails, citizens should not be scourged for transgressing unknown or unmarked federal boundaries.

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It's Time for a National Divorce

Decentralization and Secession


The polarization reached a peak on January 6, but more peaks are sure to come. Perhaps this year, perhaps down the road. But they’re going to happen, and they could be much worse in the future.

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It Should Shock Us That There's Any Consumer Price Inflation at All


Even without obvious consumer price inflation, we can be living in the midst of immense wealth transfer engineered by central bankers in favor of Wall Street. 

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