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Monetary Competition: The Best Alternative to Razing Central Banks to the Ground

Central BanksMoney and Banking

Blog5 hours ago

"My preference would be that all state central banks would be shut down and razed to the ground, so that true money again could be produced by private firms. If not, at least the competition between national currencies should be as great as possible." –Murray Rothbard, 1993

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Yes, the US Government Has Defaulted Before

Money and BanksU.S. History

Blog6 hours ago

Let's stop pretending default is unprecedented. The US defaulted on debts in 1934 and again in 1979. Today it engages in de facto default through financial repression and monetary inflation.

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The 1787 Constitution Was a Radical Assault on the Spirit of the Revolution

U.S. History

Blog8 hours ago

It was a bloodless coup d’état. The Federalists, by use of countless dirty tricks, had managed to defy the wishes of the majority of the American people and create a new constitution.

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Canada Votes for More of the Same

World History


Justin Trudeau won with a weak "victory" in Canadian elections last week, but he nonetheless claimed a "mandate" for vaccine passports and huge increases in federal spending. 

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Why Everyone Should Read These Two Essays by Ludwig von Mises

Austrian Economics OverviewInterventionism


The public must come to a fuller understanding that without private property there is no liberty; that there is no safe middle of the road; and that we citizens are engaged in a constant struggle with government over how much of our own property, and of the fruits of our own labor, we will be...

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The Mises Institute's Fall Campaign Starts Today. Please Support Us!


Like Mises before us, the Institute's mission is to defend, promote, and develop the ideas vital for a free and prosperous civilization.

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Inflation-Loving Governments Are Now Blaming Private Businesses for Inflation

Money and Banks


As inflation becomes more obvious, governments will be blaming businesses for causing the inflation that policymakers have fueled. This is a step on the way to price controls. 

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The Loss in Afghanistan Is Only the Latest Chapter in a Long Story of Intervention

War and Foreign Policy


As US military interventions continue across several continents, we should remember that much of US foreign policy is little more than cleaning up messes the US created. 

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