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Julian Assange and Our Impunity Democracy

DemocracyThe Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


Saturday's world-wide demonstrations calling for the release of Julian Assange might go unheeded by American political elites, but that does not diminish this simple truth: Assange is being punished for exposing lies and lawbreaking by the U.S. Government.

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Juneteenth and Secular Holidays as Tools of the Regime

Media and CultureU.S. HistoryWorld History


Juneteenth is an example of a fiat holiday, imposed upon the nation by an imperial city to promote a specific cultural agenda.

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Jamaica's Experience Shows That Even Draconian Gun Control Will Not Stop Gun Violence

Big GovernmentProgressivismThe Police State


In the wake of mass shootings, progressives claim that draconian gun laws will stop these tragic events. However, the gun control record in places like Jamaica provides contrary evidence.

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Just How Common Are School Shootings?

U.S. History


Thirty-nine people were killed in school shootings in 2018 (one of the worst years). In the same period, 900 children drowned, and 1,800 were murdered via child abuse. 

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Jordan Peterson on Austrian Economics: Free Markets Are "Profoundly Equitable"

CoordinationFree MarketsPhilosophyPlanningPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


Jordan Peterson is turning his eye toward Austrian economics. Unlike the many conservatives who see free market advocacy as some sort of "dangerous fundamentalism," Peterson seems to get it.

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Johns Hopkins Study: Lockdowns Only Reduce Mortality by 0.2 Percent


That something "works" isn't a license for a regime to do whatever it wants. But given that lockdowns don't even work—and are morally repugnant—how can they be justified? 

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Japan's Inflation Is Hidden behind Central Bank–Financed Subsidies

Money and Banks

Overall, at least 50 percent of the consumer price index in Japan appears to be government controlled, which is reflected in the significant growth of government spending on subsidies.

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