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Rick Perry — and His Critics — Still Don't Understand Say's Law

Free MarketsProduction Theory

How do you do away with a “Law” that had been core to economists’ understanding of the market economy for 150 years? You misrepresent it.
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Raiders Move to Vegas Gives Taxpayers Reason to Boo, Players Reason to Cheer

Taxes and Spending

The NFL is coming to Vegas. This means higher hotel taxes for tourists, but lower tax rates for players.
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Ryancare is Failing — What Should Happen Next?

Free MarketsHealthU.S. Economy

The market is creating its own solutions to Obamacare. The focus should be protecting it from further government control.
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Report: Arrested Mises Cuba Member Charged with "Distributing Enemy Propaganda"

The Police State

Two libertarian activists are being held at Melena II, a maximum security prison with a history of human rights violations.
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Refugees and Migrants in a World of Government Meddling

World HistoryInterventionismPolitical Theory

09/10/2015Mises Wire
Government regulation of immigrants is as illegitimate as any other kind of government regulation. But thanks to centuries of government meddling in private property, it remains very difficult to sort out what rightly is private property and if immigrants are trespassing on it.
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