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Chris Calton: The March to America's Civil War

U.S. History

Chris Calton, host of the Mises Institute's Historical Controversies podcast, is back with a fascinating account of the antebellum era.
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Claudio Grass on Whether Switzerland can Save the World

Claudio Grass joins Jeff Deist to discuss what libertarians can learn from Switzerland.
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Chris Calton: Historical Controversies

HealthU.S. History

This weekend, we're excited to share the first episode of a new Mises Institute podcast with Chris Calton.
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Caitlin Long: What Blockchain Means

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyStrategy

Blockchain technology could vastly reduce the role of middlemen in everyday transactions, obviating the need for a lot of regulation in the process.
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College Athletes Embrace the Division of Labor

EducationMedia and CultureValue and Exchange

09/23/2015Mises Wire
Eager to focus on what they're best at, college athletes often gravitate toward the easiest majors and classes. But that doesn't sit well with some college administrators who haven't made peace with the realities behind the division of labor.
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