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What Rights Do Future Generations Have?

The EnvironmentPhilosophy and Methodology


Many say economics must focus on preserving resources for distant future generations. They say climate change is why. That's may seem convincing in the abstract, but we soon learn how hard it is to predict future needs, and to ignore present ones. 

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When Biden "Creates Jobs" Look for the Hidden Costs

Taxes and SpendingU.S. History


"Jobs programs" never create new wealth. They only redirect wealth and resources from other sectors of the economy. The cost to those other sectors is often very high. 

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What to Expect from Bidenomics

Taxes and Spending


In order to prevent the economy sinking into a lasting state of stagnation, what is required is to reduce both government spending and government regulation, and to rein in the Fed.

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Why the Utes Opposed Biden's Plans to Limit Oil Drilling

Decentralization and Secession


This week's clash over federal attempts to control tribal drilling rights highlights the importance of tribal sovereignty in limiting federal power. 

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With Biden, Get Ready For More "Regime Change"

War and Foreign Policy


Yes, Senator Paul is right. "Regime change" doesn't work. Buckle up, as incoming Senate majority leader Schumer advised, there's a whole lot of interventionism in the queue.

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Why Americans Abandoned Smuggling in Favor of Lobbying and Welfare

U.S. History


Colonial America was a society of smugglers and scofflaws who regarded government regulations as worthy of contempt. Twenty-first century America is quite different. 

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Why Governments Want More Centralization—and Less Federalism

Decentralization and SecessionU.S. History


America’s founders did not envision the federal government as the domineering senior partner in almost everything. What was once best described as “sovereign States, united solely for specified joint purposes” has been largely eviscerated.

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