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European Environmentalists Have Made Energy Independence Impossible

The Environment


Europe wants cheap and abundant energy, but politicians demonize nuclear, gas, and oil. All the interventionist proposals that are put forward by European politicians entail a higher cost for long-suffering consumers.

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End the Fed and Get More Doritos

Money and Banks


Another gift of the inflationary Fed: Frito-Lay recently began putting fewer chips in a bag of Doritos, reducing the weight of a bag about five percent from 9.75 ounces to 9.25 ounces in the process.

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Egypt Is Still Haunted By Its Ghosts of Socialism

DemocracyEconomic FreedomSocialismPolitical Theory


It has been more than fifty years since Egyptian strongman Gamal Abdel Nasser died, but his unfortunate legacy of imposing socialism on Egypt still harms the nation and its economy.

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Economic Calculation

Calculation and Knowledge


A socialist management would be like a man forced to spend his life blindfolded.

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Eileen Gu, Jingoism, and Olympic Politics


The idea that an athlete—in this case, Eileen Gu—somehow "betrays" her country by playing sports for a foreign team is the worst kind of jingoism.

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Economic Knowledge Is Qualitative, Not Quantitative

Austrian Economics OverviewOther Schools of Thought


Mainstream academic economists believe that we advance economics by "testing" theories. Austrian economists believe economics is about understanding human action and does not have to be subjected to constant tests.

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European Government Expansion Did Not Expand the Job Markets

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationCapitalismCronyism and CorporatismEconomic FreedomSocialismEntrepreneurship


Massive "fiscal stimulus" programs by European governments failed to reduce unemployment. The latest buzzword from the Continent is the "entrepreneurial state," based upon the delusion that government spending and regulation are responsible for wealth creation by private entrepreneurs.

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Elections Now Decide Who Can Operate Your Car

Bureaucracy and Regulation


With the approval of Biden's infrastructure bill, it now turns out the US government is even in control of a "kill switch" that could disable your car if you are deemed "impaired."

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