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Lincoln Dissected

Decentralization and SecessionU.S. History


The “second American Constitution,” was an illegal overthrow of the Articles of Confederation. This nationalist cabal behind the new constitution paved the way for new myths used to hammer the new confederation into a single unified national state.

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Legacies of Injustice and Racial Inequality

Property RightsInterventionismPrivate Property


Progressives argue that free markets stand in the way of economic and racial equality. In fact, free markets are the only vehicle that can help make people more equal.

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Last Day to Give in 2023!


Help us do more in 2024: donate today!

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Let them Merge: Foreign Acquisition of US Steel

PoliticsProtectionism and Free TradeU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


Nippon Steel's proposal to merge with US Steel is meeting opposition from the usual suspects in Washington, not to mention Tucker Carlson. Their hysteria is off the charts.

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Libertarianism and the Importance of Understanding Causality

Booms and BustsLibertarianismAustrian Economics Overview


A bedrock of Austrian economic thinking is the notion of causality. A libertarian worldview also requires the understanding of causality.

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Liberty: Stifled by the Stockholm Syndrome

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationDemocracyThe Police State


Governments regularly suppress freedom—yet few complain. One wonders if Stockholm syndrome is at work.

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Last Day to Double Your Gift


The Mises Institute sends a big THANK YOU to everyone who's donated to our Fall Campaign. If you haven't given, please donate today to double your impact. Every bit helps!

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Living Libertarian: Brief Biographies

Economic FreedomHayekLibertarianism


Why do people become libertarians? What attracts them to Austrian economics?

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