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Before this past summer, I'd listened to every Mises University available in MP3.

Even the lectures the same professors repeat over the years -- Gordon's 'Theory and History,' Salerno's 'Profit, Loss, and Entrepreneurship' and 'The Marginalist Revolution,' Hoppe on Praxeology -- I enjoy the review and I enjoy seeing what they do regularly and what they change from summer to summer.

I'm now working my way through Mises University 2005 and I have to say that it's a whole new program. In addition to the basics and standards, we now have a greater emphasis on history from Ralph Raico, a greater emphasis on method, epistemology, and ethics from Roderick Long, a greater emphasis on Austrian macroeconomics from Roger Garrison. And Robert Murphy flanks the range of topics, from an introduction to neoclassical analytics (aka 'mainstream' methods) to an FAQ on market anarchism.

The new Mises University has greater breadth and greater depth; it is more comprehensive and more radical. It is bigger and better.

Give it a listen.

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