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Private Sector Truck Drivers Are Nepal's Lifeline to Clean Water


Government officials have repeatedly failed to deliver clean water to the people of Kathmandu. So the private sector stepped in to get the job done.

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Politicians Have It Backwards, China Has Decreased Its Manipulation of the Yuan. That's Why It's Depreciating.

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

The depreciation of the yuan since 2014 is more of a response to market movements than a planned devaluation to gain competitiveness illegitimately.

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Privatize the New York City Subway System

Taxes and SpendingU.S. HistoryMonopoly and Competition

“Evidence of government failure” calls for a return to privatization to “reduce costs, improve service quality, and accelerate technological change.”
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Price Controls May Be On the Way

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

03/29/2016Mises Wire
Central banks are in the business of price controls through monetary policy. But, when monetary policy fails, as it is doing now, central banks may look toward more broad forms of price controls as well.
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