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How Fiat Money Enriches the Unproductive



Governments can conjure up money at the printing press—with predictable results. But anyone wanting a Lamborghini will have to produce real wealth to purchase it.

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How the Soviets "Fixed" Inflation, but Ruined the Economy

World History


The Soviet regime relentlessly expanded the money supply. To prevent inflation, the regime then created shortages through price controls and economic stagnation. 

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Honest Money in Dishonest Hands

The FedInflationMoney and BanksGold Standard


While we speak of a desire for honest money, the larger problem is that the Federal Reserve System cannot coexist with an honest money regime.

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How to Think about Value, Money, and Price


We cannot compare the subjective values of different people, as their experienced satisfactions are personal. It is nonsense to say that Adam likes pears 20 percent more than Beth likes pears.

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Housing Is Getting Less Affordable. Governments Are Making It Worse.

U.S. Economy


The average new home in America was still well over 50 percent larger in 2021 than in the 1960s. Yet in an age of declining affordability, governments won't let homes get smaller. 

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How to Think about Production and Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs serve consumers by creating our future. They do this by trying ideas for new, imagined goods and paying wages to workers and developing new capital. 

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Higher Education in Crisis: The Problem of Ideological Homogeneity



College faculties historically have leaned left-of-center, but today, a rigid progressive ideology is enforced not only by faculty, but also by higher education administrations.

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Higher Education Woes: Student Loans Help Fuel Higher College Costs

Bureaucracy and RegulationEducationTaxes and Spending


While President Biden claims that forgiving student loans helps reduce college costs, it is the loan program itself that is responsible for much of the explosive growth of higher education spending.

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