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The Employment Situation Is Still a Disaster


It's possible that there may yet be a V-shaped recovery as employment really takes off in the next few months. But, so far, there's little reason to assume this will be the case.

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The COVID Panic Canceled Many Graduation Speeches. Thank Goodness.

U.S. History


Thanks to the COVID-19 panic this year, graduates at America's institutions of higher education missed the "opportunity" to be lectured by some celebrity or politician about the importance of "giving back" to the community, or being yourself, or following your dreams.

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These Protests Don't Threaten the Ruling Party in America's Big Cities

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureThe Police StatePolitical Theory


The political machines that run America's cities are likely to keep running them when these protests and riots end. Taxpayers will be worse off, but politicians will be even more powerful.

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The Great Society: A Lesson in American Central Planning

Book ReviewsSocialismU.S. History


In the 1960s, politicians and bureaucrats had nearly unbounded faith in the ability to plan a nearly perfect society. Things didn't turn out as they had planned.

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The Incorporation Doctrine Broke the Constitutional System


It's a mistake to think freedom is protected by having the Supreme Court declare what is "constitutional," thus imposing centralized federal law on all the states.

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Three Ways Law Enforcement Must Be Reformed Right Now


End immunity. End police unions. End the drug war.

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Three Ways Lockdowns Paved the Way for These Riots

Big GovernmentThe Police State


COVID lockdowns (1) threw millions out of work, (2) increased police harassment of peaceful people, (3) cut people off from key institutions that reduce social conflict. This made a volatile situation far worse.

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There's No End in Sight to the Zombie Economy

Financial Markets


Put simply, if it were not for accommodative monetary policy, these firms would have otherwise shut down by now. Once again, the Fed is refusing to allow the invisible hand to rein in the excess for fear of a liquidity crisis, credit crunch, and worse.

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