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Last Day to Double Your Gift

  • fall campaign final day

The Mises Institute sends a big THANK YOU to everyone who already donated to our Fall Campaign this week. 

If you haven’t had time to donate, please do so today. For the fourth year in a row, Hunter Lewis—a generous donor, Board member, and author who is passionate about educating a future generation of students—has generously offered to match your gift until the end of today. So make your most generous gift and double its impact.

Any amount, even $5, helps. And just a $5 monthly gift entitles you to all the benefits of a Sustaining Member in 2020.

Mises.org is one of the most popular economics resources in the world. Generous individuals who support our mission make it possible to offer thousands of books, articles, and videos absolutely free to the public. And this work is bearing fruit all over the world with Mises and Rothbard being translated and read in many languages. We’re here to spread the right ideas as far and wide as possible, without paywalls. That’s why we need your help.

We rely entirely on passionate people like you who want a better future. Won’t you donate and make our Fall Campaign a success? Today is the final day—please make your most generous gift. Every donor will receive The Dollar Dilemma by Ron Paul.


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