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Digital Currency: The Fed Moves toward Monetary Totalitarianism

The FedProgressivismSocialismMoney and Banking

Blog3 hours ago

One hardly can imagine a better tool of social control than a digital currency. Not surprisingly, U.S. monetary authorities are moving in that direction.

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Blowing Up the World When So Little Is at Stake

War and Foreign Policy

Blog6 hours ago

Even if we accept the dubious claim that the supposed strength of the USSR justified nuclear brinkmanship, its absurd to make that same claim about modern Russia. 

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Why Investors Are Obsessed with the Fed "Pivot"

Money and Banks

Blog11 hours ago

Investors should not care whether the Fed pivots or not if they analyze investment opportunities based on fundamentals and not on monetary laughing gas.

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Teaching Critical Race Theory Isn't Education; It's Indoctrination



The more we understand critical race theory, the more we understand that it is not compatible with a free society.

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The Jobs "Boom" Isn't So Hot When We Remember Nearly Six Million Men Are Missing from the Workforce

U.S. EconomyU.S. History


There appears to be a six-million-man gap between the number of men in the prime age group—age 25–54—and the number of those men actually in the workforce.

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Spending More Government Money on Healthcare Does Not Improve Health Outcomes

Bureaucracy and RegulationProgressivism


Progressives seem to believe that we improve healthcare outcomes by spending more. This is a recipe for failure.

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Paul Pelosi Is Attacked, So Naturally the Capitol Police Want More Money

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Following the attack on Paul Pelosi, the Capitol Police office has demanded a big budget increase. This is not to increase safety but rather to increase the agency's bureaucratic reach.

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