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Sports Betting and Spontaneous Order

Free MarketsHayek


One place a price system manifests itself is the sports betting markets. The results are surprisingly accurate.

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Secession: Coming to a State Near You?

Big GovernmentSecession


Ryan McMaken has made a serious case for secession as a means to counter totalitarianism. David Gordon explains why this is the case.

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Student Loan Debt: The Financial Time Bomb Politicians Want to Ignore

Corporate WelfareTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy


President Biden's nonsolution of partial "debt forgiveness" is in limbo, but the slow financial destruction that massive student loan debt is unleashing continues.

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Slavery Did Not Promote Capitalism: The New Economic History of Capitalism Is Simply Wrong

CapitalismFree MarketsU.S. History


Academic historians of the "acclaimed" new history of capitalism have a major weakness: their claims do not match the historical record.

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Student Loan Forgiveness Treats the Symptom, Not the Disease

Cronyism and CorporatismProgressivismTaxes and Spending


President Biden's recent student loan forgiveness initiative only exacerbates the real problem: the cost of a college education, thanks to government intervention, is outrageously high.

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Should the Fed Increase the Money Supply in Response to a Growing Economy?

The FedMonetary Policy


Standard economic theory states that as an economy grows, the money supply should grow with it. Appealing to the Austrian tradition, Frank Shostak shows that belief is mistaken.

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Seeing the Student Loan Crisis as a Form of Boom and Bust

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles


Conservatives have missed the point that it is not students particularly that are at fault for the student loan crises, but the entire bureaucratic economic-political system.

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Socialism Is Not Groupthink, but Statethink: A Brief Comment on Jordan Peterson



Jordan Peterson has linked identity politics to socialism. Instead, socialism is about empowering the state.

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