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The Great Reset, Part III: Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics

SocialismPolitical Theory


China is the model for the economic and political system being promoted in the West, and the Great Reset is the most forthright articulation of that system—although its articulation is anything but perfectly forthright.

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The ECB’s Latest Big Mistake

Money and Banking


The worst excuse of all is that “there is no inflation.” It’s like driving a car at 300 miles an hour on the highway, looking in the rearview mirror and saying, “we haven’t killed ourselves yet, accelerate.”

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The Result of "Too Much Money": Asset Price Inflation and Inequality

Money and Banks


While it took the Federal Reserve almost six years to create 3.5 trillion in new US dollar liquidity after 2008, this time around, it took only ten months to unleash a monetary tsunami of $3 trillion, with the projection of at least another $1.8 trillion next year.

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The Mises Review: Book Reviews from 2020

Book Reviews


As we prepare for 2021, here is a collection of Dr. Gordon's book reviews from the past year. Each article features his piercing Rothbardian-insight into some of the most important new books of 2020.

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The Disaster of Bretton Woods vs. a Real Gold Standard

Book ReviewsMoney and Banking


The French economist Jacques Rueff was the foremost opponent in the twentieth century of the gold exchange standard.  He well described how the Bretton Woods enabled the US government to engage in seemingly endless deficit spending. 

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The Fed Won't Save Us from the Growing Jobs Recession

The FedFinancial Markets


No matter how bleak the economy may be, the Keynesians are likely to say, “It would have been worse without us.” 

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The Great Reset, Part II: Corporate Socialism


The aims of the WEF are not to plan every aspect of production and thus to direct all individual activity. Rather, the goal is to limit the possibilities for individual activity—by dint of squeezing out industries and producers within industries from the economy.

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Today's Negative Rates Are the Path to Poverty


Murray Rothbard wrote, “The rate of interest is the price of ‘time.’” It’s safe to say the world’s central banks have manipulated and mispriced what time is worth.

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