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Police Mergers Are Not the Answer, but Privatization Is

Bureaucracy and RegulationLegal SystemPoliticsThe Police State


Some small municipalities in Pennsylvania have disbanded their police departments, so others want to tax them for “depending” on state police. There is an even better course of action: allow private policing.

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Public Goods Viewed through Entrepreneurship

EntrepreneurshipFiscal TheoryProduction Theory


One of the canards of mainstream economics is that only government can provide the "optimum" number of nonrivalrous, or public, goods. Austrian economists have never accepted that theory.

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Power Vacuum: How the State Wants to Suck Electricity from the SUV You Are Required to Buy

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyProgressivism


Because California’s government has hamstrung electricity producers in the state, its legislature now wants EVs to be “bidirectional,” that is, to put power from their batteries back into the grid.

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President Biden’s SAVE College Debt Repayment Plan Puts the Motivations in the Wrong Places

Economic PolicyStrategyU.S. Economy


President Biden's new student debt "relief" plan will ensure that college graduates will seek low-paying, low-impact jobs. They would have done as well or better had they not gone to college.

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Politics Has Infected Everything in Our Society, Especially the Media

Economic PolicyMedia and CultureProgressivism


Modern American media has become so politicized that a once-venerable institution now cannot be trusted.

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Praxeology with Good Huemer

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology


Philosopher Michael Huemer creates a challenge to the a priori methodology, but David Gordon answers the bell.

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Private Corporations Don't Cause Price Inflation. Governments Do.


Governments never curb inflation because they benefit from it. Money creation is never neutral and disproportionately benefits the only monopolistic player in the economy: the state

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