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Central Bankers Are Gaslighting Us about the "Strong Dollar"

Money and BanksU.S. History


US central bankers are guilty of much, but it's not their fault that central bankers elsewhere are so often even worse and have made their currencies weak compared to the dollar. 

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Can We See the End of the World from Here? Will We Still Feel Fine?

Book ReviewsGlobal Economy


Typical discussions about the fate of our planet center around issues like war, climate change, and sovereignty. Peter Zelhan says "the halcyon days of 1980–2015 are over."

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Central Banks Have Been Hedging Rampant Regulation. Will This End Now?

Central BanksFinancial MarketsInflation


The latest bout of inflation has exposed how central banks around the world have used easy money policies to help cover for the economic drag created by the regulatory state.

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Covid-19 and the Continuing Erosion of Private Property Rights

Property Rights


Lest anyone underestimate the brutality of state control, the way governments have handled the covid-19 pandemic demonstrates the authorities have not yet hit bottom.

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Contrary to Public Myths, Rent Control Hasn't Been a Success in Sweden

Economic PolicyPrice Controls


Rent control was imposed in Stockholm to "stabilize" the housing market. Not surprisingly, "stabilization" has meant housing shortages and years-long waits for available apartments.

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Critical Race Theory: Academic Malfeasance and Fraudulence



CRT is what happens when methodological individualism is abandoned and replaced by “systems” and “structures” that apparently do everything while actual people do nothing.

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College Conference Switching as Secession? A Case Study in "Nations by Consent"

Decentralization and Secession


One way to interpret Southern Cal and UCLA's move to switch conferences and join the Big 10 is as a form of peaceful secession.

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Consumers, Workers, and Monopolies: Free Markets Serve All

Economic FreedomFree MarketsMonopoly and Competition


The ruling class is claiming that free markets are nothing more than a "trickle-down" scheme. But a free market system really does serve society best.

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