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Endangering Washington's Divine Right to Deceive

The Police StateWar and Foreign Policy


Official Washington and its Court Media are up in arms that someone has told the truth via leaking government documents. They won't rest until he is punished severely.

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Equality Requires State Violence

CapitalismEconomic FreedomProgressivismSocialism


Although equality and "equity" are modern buzzwords, the only way to reach such a social nirvana is through violent means. Do we really want to go there?

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Elizabeth Warren’s Contradictory Demands for Easy Money and Strict Financial Regulation

Bureaucracy and RegulationMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksProgressivismU.S. Economy


Elizabeth Warren blames lack of regulation for the latest banking crisis. But she believes that the easy money regime that is really causing the crisis is perfectly fine.

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Empty Malls and Shopping Centers: How Government Fuels Malinvestments

Booms and BustsCorporate WelfareCronyism and CorporatismInterventionism


The empty shopping mall: a story of how government actions created a huge malinvestment in western Pennsylvania.

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European Shadow Unemployment Is a Real Problem

Money and Banks


There is an undeniable negative trend in European employment and wages that is a direct consequence of constantly increasing intervention in the economy.

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Ethics for Inhumans

PhilosophyPhilosophy and Methodology


Philosopher William MacAskill of Oxford University is calling for "Effective Altruism" as a way to deal with long-term future issues. Reviewer David Gordon finds flaws in MacAskill's moral calculations.

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Economic Growth Requires Savings, Not Money Pumping

Central BanksMonetary Policy


Keynesians believe that economic growth can occur only with an expanding supply of money. Growth doesn't need more money; it needs more savings.

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Economic Progress and Economic Decay: North versus South

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismLawU.S. Economy


While high-quality automobiles and other manufactured goods are being produced in the Southeast, northeastern states like New York are falling behind, thanks to progressive governance.

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