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When You're Popular, You Don't Need Freedom of Speech

Legal SystemU.S. HistoryPrivate Property

11/09/2015Mises Wire
When you're unpopular, free speech sounds pretty great. But once you control the reins of power, free speech is really just an inconvenience, as the recent rise of the American left with its speech codes and trigger warnings has shown us.
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What "Progressive" Corporate Welfare Looks Like

Corporate WelfareFinancial MarketsHealth

10/13/2015Mises Wire
Progressives would have us believe that they protect ordinary people from greedy corporations. But in truth, policies like Obamacare and Cap and Trade are immense crony capitalist deals that cartelize markets and greatly favor politically connected corporations.
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Why Devaluing the Yuan Won't Help China's Economy

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

08/27/2015Mises Wire
China has recently devalued its currency. Like many governments, the Chinese government thinks this will help the economy by increasing exports. But it will really just destroy real wealth in the process.
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Why Government Hates Cash

Money and BanksThe Police StateMoney and Banking

08/24/2015The Austrian
Governments have long hated physical cash because it allows for untraceable purchases. But a bigger problem for governments is the fact that holders of cash can signal a lack of trust in central banks by removing all their cash from the financial system.
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What’s Behind the Gender Wage Gap

PricesValue and Exchange

03/23/2015Mises Daily Articles
If all work and all workers were homogenous, we might be able to say that the gender wage gap is caused by sexism, but the gap is better explained by big differences in the life goals and chosen industries of men and women.
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