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The Great Barrington Declaration: A Few Words of Caution

Big GovernmentHealthPolitical Theory


Although the recommendations of the Great Barrington Declaration would be an improvement over the status quo, the declaration grants far too much power to the state to act in pursuit of an alleged "common good."

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The Great California Exodus


Today, those with a modicum of judgment and respect for their pocketbook are heading anywhere that is not named California, attempting to flee the incompetent mismanagement of Governor Gavin Newsom.

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The Economics of Government Regulation


When the state interferes with the market in order to bring about a different use of the productive factors it can only impair the supply, it cannot improve it.

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The Second Act Will Be Worse Than the First: Lockdowns Are Not the Answer

HealthMedia and Culture


Given the overt hostility that progressives have toward private enterprise in the first place, politicians will take shutdown-caused shortages and empty shelves as “proof” that private enterprise has failed.

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The Media Is Now Openly Pushing Secession as the Election Nears

Decentralization and Secession


The secessionist view is now increasingly being promoted by writers outside the usual conservative and libertarian groups that have long advocated in favor of decentralization and local control.

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The Myth of Wakanda: How Hollywood Distorts the Legacy of Colonialism

Media and CulturePovertyWorld History


The film Black Panther offered an attractive view of an African nation untouched by slavery or colonialism. Unfortunately, the film offers a rather dubious counterfactual.

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The Paradox of Prosperity



The present fascination with socialism and hatred of capitalism reflects a combination of willful historical blindness, lack of simple common sense, and inexcusable economic ignorance.

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Trump Continues the Never-Ending War on Cuba

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History


The embargo continues, partly because the Cuba situation has indirectly exposed the corrupt sham of the entire Cold War and the corrupt machinery of the US national security establishment.

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