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The Incorporation Doctrine Broke the Constitutional System


It's a mistake to think freedom is protected by having the Supreme Court declare what is "constitutional," thus imposing centralized federal law on all the states.

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Three Ways Law Enforcement Must Be Reformed Right Now


End immunity. End police unions. End the drug war.

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Three Ways Lockdowns Paved the Way for These Riots

Big GovernmentThe Police State


COVID lockdowns (1) threw millions out of work, (2) increased police harassment of peaceful people, (3) cut people off from key institutions that reduce social conflict. This made a volatile situation far worse.

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There's No End in Sight to the Zombie Economy

Financial Markets


Put simply, if it were not for accommodative monetary policy, these firms would have otherwise shut down by now. Once again, the Fed is refusing to allow the invisible hand to rein in the excess for fear of a liquidity crisis, credit crunch, and worse.

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The Fed Is Doing "Whatever It Takes" to Prop Up the Economy. That's a Very Bad Thing.

InflationMonetary PolicyInterventionism

There's now no difference between monetary policy and other government programs designed to prop up firms, industries, and other favored groups. The Fed is simply another government planning agency.

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The Japanese Love of Keynesian Economics Might Finally Be Coming to an End

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyTaxes and Spending


Decades of Keynesian policy have crippled the Japanese economy. Only a turn toward free markets offer a real way out.

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The Federal Deficit Is Setting New Records as Spending Explodes


US government debt is spiraling upward, with debt-to-GDP rising to World War II levels. How long can this last?

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The School Closures Are a Big Threat to the Power of Public Schools



For many parents, the ongoing closure of public schools will just reinforce growing suspicions that public schools just aren't worth it anymore. Maybe they never were.

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