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New Study Confirms that the "Gender Pay Gap" Results from Women Making Different Choices

7 hours agoPower & Market

Just because two people have the same job title, that doesn't mean they do the same thing.

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18. Warren Mosler Defends the Essential Insights of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

BiographiesFree MarketsHealthOther Schools of Thought

7 hours agoAudio/Video
Bob and Warren Mosler discuss the assumptions behind Modern Monetary Theory and its implications for economic policy.
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Central Banks Get Scared: Forget About Promises to Reduce Balance Sheets

10 hours agoPower & Market

Facing an unimpressive economy, the Fed is already backing off its supposed plans to rise interest rates and scale back its balance sheet.

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The Benefits of Brexit

Blog10 hours ago

The UK has plenty of opportunities to thrive outside of the EU’s jurisdiction.

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65. James Heathers: Why Science Needs Data Thugs


James Heathers and his fellow data vigilantes captured the limelight after exposing problems in the work of a world-famous nutrition researcher, which led to the retraction of five papers.
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Two Simple Questions Keynesians Can't Answer

Money and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and BankingOther Schools of Thought


Keynesian economics is the economics of debt-addicted, lower-class spendthrifts: modern governments.

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