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The Legacy of Angela Merkel: Kicking the Can Down the Road

Global Economy


In the months since Angela Merkel’s departure from the German chancellorship after sixteen years in power, the editorials praising her reign have been legion. This is not one of them.

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Trudeau's Emergency Measures Will Accelerate Decentralized Finance's Importance

The Police StateInterventionismMoney and Banking


Justin Trudeau's heavy-handed measures against the protesting truck drivers are part of a greater war by progressives against capital markets and financial privacy. People will find ways to resist through decentralized finance.

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The New Canadian Despotism

Big GovernmentEconomic FreedomThe Police State


By invoking the Emergencies Act, Trudeau has engaged in conduct better suited to authoritarian despots.

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The Steep Cost of Sanctions for Europe and Russia

War and Foreign Policy


The Ukraine crisis arrives in the middle of an evident slowdown of the largest economies after the placebo effect of massive stimulus plans has already worn off.

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The European Central Bank Is Trapped Like the Fed

Money and Banks


Like America's central bank, the European Central Bank can't let interest rates rise without facing some big negative repercussions.

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The Avocado Ban Shows the High Cost of Nontariff Protectionism

Global EconomyProtectionism and Free Trade


This week's avocado ban—and the behind-the-scenes regulatory regime governing avocado imports—reminds us that there is no such thing as free trade between the US and Mexico.

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The New Antieconomics

Big GovernmentEconomic Freedom


Economics starts and ends with scarcity, an inescapable reality of human existence. Antieconomics, personified today by MMT, starts with abundance and works backward. 

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The Covid Panic Brought Even More Economic Zombification

Global Economy

Zombie companies, which were already a problem in 2019, have not only not been killed off but have multiplied. The zombie apocalypse could be closer than we imagine.

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