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Why Gold Is More Expensive than Bread

Value and Exchange


The concept of diminishing marginal utility is the essential building block of economics. But there is a difference in the way this law is discussed by mainstream economics and the Austrian School.

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Why Austrians Stress Ordinal Utility

Austrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and Methodology


Sometimes people—even other economists—are incredulous that the Austrians deny the possibility of interpersonal utility comparisons.

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Wokism Could Provoke a Global Anti-American Backlash

U.S. History


Wokism and US foreign policy should not be viewed as isolated phenomena but rather inextricably linked concepts given the US’s universalist foreign policy modus operandi.

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We Are All Canadian Truckers Now!

World History


As tens of thousands of trucks began entering the capital with millions of supporters behind them, the “brave” Canadian prime minister had fled the city and shuffled off to an undisclosed location.

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Why Die for Ukraine?

War and Foreign Policy

The saddest part of this whole manufactured crisis is that it should make absolutely no difference to us whether Russia controls Ukraine. How is that a threat to the United States?

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Why Intellectual Property Isn't Necessary to Reward Innovation

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Like new money, knowledge spreads unevenly through the economy in a kind of Cantillon effect. Here's what that means for different market actors

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Why Fighting Inflation Is Not a Priority for the Fed

Money and Banks


"I get the impression that these people … believe the threat of inflation pales in comparison to climate change and racial inequities."

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Washington Still Won't Admit the Real Cause of Price Inflation

Majority Rule


If a politician has no clue about what causes price inflation, she probably isn't going to have any idea about how to fix the problem.

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