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How Science So Often Devolves into Quick Fixes and Quackery

Book Reviews


One mistake we make is to assume that the people who shout the loudest about their research must thus be right, or even know what they’re talking about.

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How the West Pushed back the Frontiers of Death

World History


Thanks to capital accumulation and other innovations in the West, life expectancy grew beyond anything previously imagined. The benefits spread from there.

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How the Fed's Easy Money Spurred Today's Financial Frenzies

Money and Banks


It was government policies that kick-started the engine of financial innovation, wrongly blamed by many in the press and left-leaning academia for this increased economic instability.

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How Praxeology Helps Us Understand the Real World

Philosophy and Methodology


"Praxeology … does not deal in vague terms with human action in general, but with concrete action which a definite man has performed at a definite date and at a definite place."

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How "Cultural Distance" between Societies Can Hamper Economic Prosperity

World History


Cultural disparities between national, linguistic, or cultural groups can prevent the spread of trade and hamper the adoption of useful economic strategies. 

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How Fiat Money Made Beef More Expensive

Beef has become more expensive than pork. Could fiat money have driven resources toward pork-centered "factory farms" and away from less capital-intensive beef production?

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How the "Respectable" Media Serves the Political Elite

Media and CultureU.S. History


"American media are divided into “respectable” and “non-respectable” media. Respectable media, which are the only ones that are read by the American political elite, and presumably are all that filters down to European readers, are completely biased in favor of social democracy." — Murray...

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How the West Adopted China-Style Lockdowns


In the face of an “invisible enemy,” many Western nations have implemented emergency measures that were once considered dystopian and wholly incompatible with liberal democracy. 

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