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GDP Tells Us Little about the Health of an Economy


If people decide to save rather than spend, this could lead to a fall in GDP, even though people are becoming better off beyond the short term.

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Governments Love Inflation, and They Won't Do Anything to Stop It

Booms and Busts


In spite of what they say, governments will do nothing about inflation. Even though "money printing" is the real cause of this, governments will just keep blaming red herrings like supply chain problems.

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Government "Stimulus" Keeps Having a Diminishing Effect

Global Economy


We should be extremely concerned about the short and diminishing impact of monster stimulus plans.

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Good Economic Theory Is Always Grounded in the Real World

Money and Banks


The real world should always be regarded as the best foundation for an economic theory. Yet many mainstream economists think it's fine to ground economic theory in unrealistic assumptions about human behavior. 

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Getting to Galt's Gulch: Everyday Secession

Decentralization and SecessionStrategy


For the libertarian, the way forward is not joining in left-right political boxing matches, but secession. The success of libertarianism is independence from the state’s influence.

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Government Debt Is Starting to Look Almost as Sketchy as Payday Loans

Taxes and Spending


As government seek ever larger amounts of debt to finance more spending, they're embracing huge debt levels in the way a broke consumer might embrace payday loans. In the end, we're left with nothing but a flimsy promise to pay. 

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Give Books to Mises U Graduates and Get a Mises Bumper Sticker!


With your support, Mises U alumni can continue their Austrian education over the summer. They can return to school ready to resist the socialist agenda and spread real liberalism.

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Governments Are Failing at Their Most Basic Duties—While Promising Free Stuff

U.S. History


Political candidates are offering endless government spending and "free stuff" for everyone. But at the same time, governments appear incapable of performing even basic duties like ending street riots. 

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