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Government Budget Deficits Cannot Stimulate True Economic Growth

Big GovernmentThe FedKeynesTaxes and Spending


A central tenet of Keynesian economics is that governments must run budget deficits to stimulate economic growth. But government spending actually shrinks the economy.

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Governments Can't Blame Inflation on Energy and Putin Anymore

Money and Banks


We are all poorer, even if headline price inflation is slightly lower. Slowing CPI growth does not mean lower prices, just a slower pace of destruction of the purchasing power of money.

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Government Is as Government Does

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismDecentralization and SecessionSocialismTaxes and Spending


If we have learned anything from hundreds of years of government oppression and atrocities, one thing is certain: government isn't our friend.

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Gustave de Molinari, First Anarcho-Capitalist

World History


Molinari's "liberal principles had been proclaimed by Cobden, Gladstone and Bright in England, and by Turgot, Say, Chevalier and Bastiat in France."

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Good Causes, Brand Trust, and Profits: Why YouTuber’s Private Charity Is Wrongly Criticized

Economic FreedomThe EntrepreneurMedia and CultureEntrepreneurship


When Jimmy Donaldson, better known on YouTube as MrBeast, paid for a thousand people to have cataract surgery, the usual suspects in the media panned him and questioned his motives.

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Governments Cannot Effectively Regulate Vaccines

Bureaucracy and RegulationStrategy


Because government officials do not worry about the consequences of making mistakes, the government should not be permitted to regulate anything as important as vaccines.

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Governments Will Make You Poorer Again

Global Economy


Inflation at an annual rate of 5 percent is not a positive, and it is certainly not falling prices. Inflation is accumulative, and this means we are becoming poorer faster.

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Globalization, Not Globalism: Free Trade versus Destructive Statist Ideology

Big GovernmentCronyism and CorporatismFree MarketsProtectionism and Free Trade


Relatively free trade and capital mobilization have greatly raised living standards in recent years. Yet those that call themselves globalists are less interested in trade than in unipolar political power, pushing violent, disastrous schemes.

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