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No, the Civil War Did Not Forever Settle the Matter of Secession

U.S. History


By the logic of "we tried it before," the Soviet victory over Lithuania in 1953 meant that the question of independence was settled forever, and that Irish secession was forever verboten after the Easter Rebellion failed. 

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No, "Science" Has Not Proven Mises Wrong on Socialism

CapitalismPlanningSocialismCalculation and Knowledge


Socialists never give up trying to prove that socialism can maintain a functioning economy. Some have dragged out a nearly forty year old study as their exhibit A.

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New Jobs Report: Full-Time Jobs Disappear as Fewer Americans Find Work

U.S. Economy


The jobs report is only something to brag about if one's definition of a strong jobs economy is one in which fewer people have jobs, full-time jobs are disappearing, and government jobs are a growing component of overall job growth.

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Navigating the Complexity of Climate Change: A Closer Look at the Scientific Method and Its Challenges

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyMedia and CulturePolitics


Understanding the scientific method is crucial when examining complex phenomena and related hypotheses like “man is the main cause of climate change.” Unfortunately, "political method" has replaced the scientific method.

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Negative Leverage: The Fed’s Latest "Gift" to Apartment Investors

The FedFinancial MarketsInflationU.S. Economy


Despite higher rents, investment in new apartments is a losing proposition, thanks to the Federal Reserve.

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Napoleon: Europe's First Egalitarian Despot

World History


For those who value self-determination, free markets, peace, and freedom, Napoleon provides little to be admired. He was a despot, a warmonger, a centralist, and a hypocrite who claimed to spread freedom to justify his own lust for conquest and power. 

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No Monetary or Political Bailouts for Belt-and-Road Initiative Debtors

Big GovernmentCronyism and CorporatismSocialismWar and Foreign Policy


The countries have changed, but the story remains the same. Wealthier countries try to “invest” by lending money to African regimes, where the money disappears. This time, China is the big lender.

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No, We Cannot Afford to Fund Yet Another War

Cronyism and CorporatismU.S. EconomyWar and Foreign Policy


US government officials from President Biden to Secretary Yellen think the US can fund endless wars, but the American people are suffering in reality.

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