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Lockdowns Are More Economically Devastating Than Voluntary Social Distancing



Lockdowns advocates claim fear of the virus is really what kept people home—and has thus led to the economic destruction of the past year. But they also claim that without forced lockdowns, people will quickly go back to normal. Both can't be true. 

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Lessons on Economic Freedom from Ancient Greece

World History


Economic freedom isn't a modern invention, and ancient Greece can provide some useful examples that show how markets are the engine of prosperity and human flourishing. 

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Let's Abolish Those Presidential Medals of Freedom

U.S. History


Never trust a president's judgment when it comes to what constitutes freedom. The absurd presidential record on Medals of Freedom illustrates this well. 

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Low Rates and Limited Liability Mean Hot Markets

Money and Banking


The taxpayer is backstopping more credit risk than ever. The Post reported that nearly 30 percent of the loans Fannie Mae guaranteed were to borrowers whose house payment exceeded half of their monthly income, up from 14 percent in 2016. 

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Larry Summers Reminds Us That Federal "Stimulus" Mostly Exists to Help Wall Street

Money and Banks


For people who remain mystified as to how populists like Donald Trump get elected, they need not look much further than this. 

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Lockdowns Destroy What Makes Us Human

HealthMedia and CulturePhilosophy and Methodology


Government planners have embraced a materialistic view of human beings which cheapens the importance of family and social events. These "experts" fail to understand what being human really means. 

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Lockdowns Haven't Brought down Covid Mortality. But They Have Killed Millions of Jobs.


Strict lockdowns have devastated millions of families' incomes while failing to bring success in suppressing covid mortality.

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Lockdowners and "the Desire to Dominate"


Bizarrely, people from Paul Krugman to Tyler Cowen seems to think that libertarians rule the world and that everything that has gone wrong is libertarians’ fault.

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