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Government-Enforced Paid Family Leave Is Not Pro-Family

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic PolicyLawLabor and WagesMedia and Culture


Christianity Today magazine enthusiastically endorses government-enforced family leave, calling it “pro-family.” Government coercion, however, is still violence, not something to be championed.

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Government Agencies Exploit Data Brokers as End-Around to Legal Restrictions

Bureaucracy and RegulationLawThe Police State


Even when Congress tries to restrict government agencies from illegally gathering information on people, the agencies simply exploit legal loopholes or just break the law—without consequences.

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Get the US Out of the Middle East

War and Foreign Policy


Hamas's invasion of Israel happened in spite of decades of US intervention and spending in favor of Tel Aviv. Yet, this ongoing conflict has nothing at all to do with the safety and security of the United States itself. It's time for the US to get out. 

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Government Is the Hidden Hand Directing the Culture Wars

Big GovernmentBureaucracy and RegulationMedia and CultureProgressivism


American culture wars are not the product of religious fundamentalists or even activist groups. They exist because of state interference in the private lives of individuals.

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Gold Will Destroy the Keynesian Fallacies

KeynesMonetary PolicyU.S. HistoryWorld HistoryGold Standard


Keynes denounced monetary gold as "a barbarous relic." In the end, it will be that "barbarous relic" that overthrows the regime of paper currency.

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Government Imposed "Competition" Harms Competition

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismEconomic FreedomEconomic PolicyPoliticsU.S. Economy


President Biden says he is going to unleash regulators to bring more "competition" to the economy. This is an oxymoron.

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Golf Merger Is Opposed by Congress. This Is Misguided

Big GovernmentEconomic PolicyMedia and CulturePolitics


Members of Congress claim to be "concerned" over the proposed merger between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour. They should be supporting it or, even better, backing off completely.

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Government Redistribution Is the REAL Trickle-Down Economics

Bureaucracy and RegulationCronyism and CorporatismProgressivism


President Biden recently claimed that "trickle-down economics" doesn't work but transferring wealth from taxpayers to politically connected people is the real trickle-down economics.

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