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The Fed's Inflation Is behind the Supply Chain Mess

Money and Banks


The idea that supply chain problems are “driving inflation” gets the causation backward. It’s money supply inflation that’s causing the supply chain problems, not the other way around.

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Three Reasons to Start Taking Secession Seriously

Decentralization and Secession


All polities come to an end sooner or later. The fanciful America-will-last-forever position is something that should seem plausible only to small children or the hopelessly naïve. 

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Three Ways Government Spending Is Ripping Us Off


Whether through taxes, debt, or inflation, government spending is about ripping off the productive taxpayers. Argentina's inflation and runaway deficits provide a cautionary tale.

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Thanks to Central Banks, the Old Investment Rules Don't Apply Anymore

Financial Markets


Thanks to central banks' easy money policies, historically low interest rates and a desperate search for yield have created new danger zones for investors trying to stay out of trouble.

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Three Things the Fed Must Do to Normalize Bond Markets

Money and Banks


Policy normalization—defined as closing down the nonconventional toolbox and restoring a well-functioning price-signaling mechanism to the bond market—is difficult but possible.

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The Weak Jobs Report Shows the Failure of Keynesian Policies

U.S. Economy


We can see that these massive trillion-dollar stimulus programs generate a virtually nonexistent long-term positive impact, just a short-term bounce that lasts less than a quarter.

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The UK's National "Crisis": Age-Adjusted Mortality Is at 2008 Levels

World History


Age-adjusted mortality in the UK rose in 2020 to the same level last experienced in 2008. Yet the government declared no national health crisis in those years. 

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The CIA Has Stultified American Consciences

War and Foreign Policy


Anyone with a conscience can easily see that assassinating Julian Assange would be just plain murder. Yet, the reaction to all this from the mainstream press has been one great big collective yawn.

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