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The Marxist Myth of the "Treadmill of Production"


The Marxist "treadmill of production" theory holds that markets cannot grow without creating environmental catastrophes. Here's why they're wrong.

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The Municipal Convention Center Racket Is Alive and Well

Taxes and Spending


In Las Vegas, the city's convention center authority has found new ways to blow money on shiny objects like Elon Musk's death-trap tunnels and NFL events.

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The Rise of the New Socialism—and What You Can Do about It



The Great Reset, comes straight from the socialist witch’s kitchen and represents a reissue of well-known socialist ideas in a new guise.

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The Experts' "Zero Covid" Plan Was a Total Failure

U.S. History


The expert class embraced the failed "zero covid" plan early, claiming that covid would be eradicated if only we "lock down harder." This later morphed into "covid will be eradicated with more vaccines."

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The Problem with Guilds: They're Monopolistic and Wasteful

World History


The historical guilds of Europe have long been criticized for cartelizing trade and seizing monopolistic powers. And new research suggests the situation was very similar in Africa as well.

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The Money Supply Grew in November, but the Bigger Trend Is Way Down

Money Supply


Even with November's small rise, money supply growth is far below the unprecedented highs experienced during the past two years. This points to a weakening economy.

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The Federal Reserve Keeps Buying Mortgages


The Federal Reserve now owns $2.6 trillion in mortgages. That means about 24 percent of all outstanding residential mortgages in this whole big country reside in the central bank.

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Turkey's Economy Is in Big Trouble

World History


Turkey's President Erdoğan faces a series of crises as the lira collapses and the state's central bank steps in to clean up the mess.

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