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The Disaster of Bretton Woods vs. a Real Gold Standard

Book ReviewsMoney and Banking


The French economist Jacques Rueff was the foremost opponent in the twentieth century of the gold exchange standard.  He well described how the Bretton Woods enabled the US government to engage in seemingly endless deficit spending. 

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The Fed Won't Save Us from the Growing Jobs Recession

The FedFinancial Markets


No matter how bleak the economy may be, the Keynesians are likely to say, “It would have been worse without us.” 

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The Great Reset, Part II: Corporate Socialism


The aims of the WEF are not to plan every aspect of production and thus to direct all individual activity. Rather, the goal is to limit the possibilities for individual activity—by dint of squeezing out industries and producers within industries from the economy.

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Today's Negative Rates Are the Path to Poverty


Murray Rothbard wrote, “The rate of interest is the price of ‘time.’” It’s safe to say the world’s central banks have manipulated and mispriced what time is worth.

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The Problem with Mandatory "Socially Responsible Investing"

Financial MarketsFree MarketsTaxes and Spending


There are ominous signs on the horizon that governments want to move toward mandating "socially responsible investing" for pensions and fund managers. This is a terrible idea, to say the least. 

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The American Revolution Was a Culture War

Media and CultureU.S. History


The Boston Tea Party was an opening act in what came to be a violent culture war and war of national liberation. And it helps us understand how America in 2020 could become as bitterly divided as America during the revolution. 

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The US Money Supply Was up 37 Percent in November


During November 2020, year-over-year (YOY) growth in the money supply was at 37.08 percent. That's unchanged from October's rate, and up considerably from November 2019's rate of 5.9 percent. 

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The "Proper" Supply of Money


Determining the supply of money, like all other goods, is best left to the free market. Aside from the general moral and economic advantages of freedom over coercion, no dictated quantity of money will do the work better.

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