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America's Legitimacy Crisis Heats Up

U.S. History


The Washington class could miscalculate and use force against the "deplorables." And if it reaches that point, the veneer of democratic legitimacy will be erased.

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America's Wars Are Far More Costly than the Pentagon Admits


The true cost of America's wars—in lost productivity, resources, and opportunity cost—is far higher than even the official numbers of trillions spent on the Pentagon's many failures.

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A Strategy to Promote Sound Money: Decentralize the State

Money and Banks


The current system of freely fluctuating paper currencies with the US dollar as reserve currency would not have been possible without political centralization of monetary systems. 

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A Slave-Based Economy Is Nothing Like a Dynamic Capitalist One

World History


The evidence indicates that a prevalence of slavery in an economic system is a robust predictor of subpar economic growth and a creativity deficit.

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A Forgotten Misesian: Remembering Philip Cortney


The career of Philip Cortney, a friend of Mises and Hazlitt, provides some interesting insight into the first generation of the American Austrian school.

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A History of Cronyism in America

Book ReviewsU.S. History


Cronyism: when the government passes policies to benefit special-interest politicians, bureaucrats, businesses, and other groups at the expense of the general public.

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Africa's Long History of Trade and Markets

World History


Capitalism is not a "legacy of colonialism" in Africa. In fact, markets and interregional trade have long been practiced on the continent. And markets today are still the answer to raising standards of living.

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A Chance to Double Your Gift


The Mises Institute is the life-support system for the worldwide liberty movement. Your gift is vital for us to do more!

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