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Austrians Have Been Correct about Big Tech: Elon Musk Just Proved Them Right

Corporate WelfareDemocracyEconomic Freedom


The partisan leftism of much of the tech industry has led to conservatives calling for state intervention in the digital sphere. Elon Musk's recent purchase of Twitter proves this was wrong.

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African Politicians Must Stop Blaming Others for Africa's Economic Woes

Bureaucracy and RegulationCapitalismSocialismWar and Foreign Policy


Colonialism, imperialism, unfair trade, and more. African politicians look everywhere for the causes of Africa's poverty and chaos but in the mirror.

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A Tribute to Prof. George Ayittey, One of Africa’s Greatest Economists

Free MarketsSocialism


The passing of Professor George Ayittey stills a powerful voice for free markets in Africa.

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Are Equal Pay Arguments Based upon the Labor Theory of Value?

Free MarketsLabor and WagesPraxeologyValue and Exchange


Arguments for equal pay are popular in our body politic, but what happens if some of those arguments are based upon the faulty logic of the labor theory of value?

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After More Than a Month of Fighting, Where Do Things Stand in the Russia-Ukraine War?

War and Foreign Policy


While the battlefield results are mixed, much of the action in the Russia-Ukraine war is happening beyond the warring countries.

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And Now for a Really Bad Response to Political Calamity: Autarky

Economic PolicyProtectionism and Free Trade


The world is in chaos, so politicians MUST do something. Hence, they demand autarky, which is like attempting to put out a fire by pouring gasoline on it.

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A Review of Nik Bhatia’s Layered Money: From Gold and Dollars to Bitcoin and Central Bank Digital Currencies

BitcoinThe FedMoney and BanksMonetary Theory


Nik Bhatia presents a counterintuitive view of how money operates in our current banking system and takes a glimpse into our monetary future.

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A Harder Line with Beijing? Let’s Hope Not.

War and Foreign Policy


Beijing only ever really wanted Moscow around as a way to balance against Washington. But with the US being seen to overtly seek to punish Beijing, this will now only move it closer to Moscow.

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