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How America Abandoned Decentralization and Embraced the State

Decentralization and Secession


Political decentralization in modern times has shown itself to be the most potent intellectual restraint on the growth of Leviathan. The Constitution is not enough.

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How to Use Democracy To Deny Human Rights

World History


A case study from Mauritius shows how democratic institutions are used to prevent true independence for oppressed classes and minorities under the guise of "representation" and "equality." 

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Happy Hour May Be Getting a Little Happier

U.S. History


Ten states ban happy hour. These laws restrict the sale of alcohol at discounted prices during specially designated times. Unfortunately, many citizens regard these backdoor price controls as perfectly legit. 

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How the Fed Is Enabling Congress's Trillion-Dollar Deficits


While it is easy to think the Fed bases its policies primarily on economic science, it’s more likely that what actually concerns the Fed in 2021 is keeping interest rates low to facilitate huge amounts of deficit spending. 

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How Nixon and the Rockefellers Teamed Up to Destroy the Dollar

Money and Banks


In 1971, David Rockefeller favored a “new international monetary system with greater flexibility” and “less reliance on gold.” Seeing an opportunity to expand his own power, Richard Nixon enthusiastically embraced the scheme. 

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How Nixon and FDR Used "Crises" to Destroy the Dollar's Links to Gold

Money and Banks


In 1971, Nixon used a fiscal crisis to justify severing the dollar's last connection to gold. It was the same old story: "we must vastly expand government power because of a 'crisis.'" The government never gives up these new powers. 

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How the Federalists Bullied Rhode Island into Joining the United States

U.S. History


Even after countless threats of embargoes and other forms of aggression from the new imperialist USA, a shift of one vote would have defeated the Constitution in Rhode Island. It truly was a last stand that just barely failed.

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How Botswana Became the World's Fastest-Growing Economy

Global Economy


The risk of government expropriation of private property remained low, and Botswana rejected antiwhite reformist politics which destroyed capital in many other countries in the region. Economic success has been a result. 

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