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Contract Rights Are Not the Same as Natural Rights

Book Reviews


Contracts are voidable and thoroughly changeable. They can be totally ignored with the consent of both parties. But natural rights are not like contracts and can't be abolished even with consent.

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Central Banks and Socialism Are Forever Linked Together

Money and Banks


Central banks always and everywhere weaken economic growth by undermining the propensity to save; they are destabilizing the economy by fueling a debt economy.

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Can a Libertarian Work at a Public University?

Labor and Wages


In real life, the labor market includes government employers. So the fundamental question is whether or not a laborer can morally seek out the highest wage offered by all employers.

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Canada Votes for More of the Same

World History


Justin Trudeau won with a weak "victory" in Canadian elections last week, but he nonetheless claimed a "mandate" for vaccine passports and huge increases in federal spending. 

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Covid Lockdowns Signal the Rise of Public Policy by Ransom



In the age of covid, governments have decided to embrace a new kind of policy: they'll hold the population hostage until the public complies with what the state wants. 

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Canadians Should Be Able to Vote "None of the Above"

World History


The fact that NOTA is not a genuine, nonsymbolic ballot option proves that the political class merely pays lip service to the concepts of integrity and the will of the people.

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Can Economic Data Explain the Timing and Causes of Recessions?

Money and Banks


Without establishing the underlying causes of boom-bust cycles, employing policies in response to changes in economic indicators to counter economic cycles is likely to destabilize the economy.

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Critical Race Theory Is a Direct Attack on Market Freedom



Critical race theory is the belief that economic prosperity results from racial oppression, not individual wealth creation. This means CRT's supporters are fundamentally opposed to individual human rights. 

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