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Wholesale Price Inflation Is Slowing as Economy Worsens

Money and Banks


A recession looks more likely every day, and the latest sign of this is slowing price growth in producer prices. After all, price inflation usually slows as the economy weakens and consumers run out of easy money.

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Why the Fed Is Bankrupt and Why That Means More Inflation

U.S. History


The Fed is insolvent, and that means that it will bail itself out by printing money. For ordinary people, that means inflation and a rising cost of living. 

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Why Economic Stimulus Can't Work

Booms and BustsInflationKeynes


Keynesian economists fantasize that a market economy cannot "gain traction" without "stimulus" schemes from the government. In the end, the only thing stimulated are inflation and recession.

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When It Comes to National Prosperity, Don't Forget the Culture

Economic FreedomThe EntrepreneurStrategy


Progressives claim that poor nations are that way because wealthy nations exploit them through the capitalist system. Cultural institutions, it turns out, are the most important indicators of wealth and poverty.

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Woke Egalitarianism and the Elites



Modern progressives are not "reformers." Instead, as Murray Rothbard wrote, the progressive method is to seize control of the state and impose their own agenda on everyone.

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Woodrow Wilson's Christmas Grift of 1913

Central BanksCronyism and CorporatismThe FedProgressivism


Two days before Christmas, 1913, the infamous "creature from Jekyll Island," the Federal Reserve System, was birthed into our body politic. It has been devouring the economy ever since.

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Why Are So Many Men Leaving the Workforce?

U.S. History


Economic factors are only some of the reasons why men are leaving the workforce. The decline of marriage has also lowered the supply of workers by lessening incentives for workers.

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Why Central Banks Will Choose Recession Over Inflation

Money and Banks

The “gas-prices excuse” for inflation will evaporate, and that will be the key test for central banks. The “supply chain excuse” has already disappeared, as has the "transient inflation" claim.
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