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Don't Be Fooled by the Fed's Taper Talk

Money and Banks


There won't be a taper tantrum if the Fed seriously moves toward tapering. Investors now understand how the game works. Tapering doesn't actually mean the end of monetary inflation, and everyone knows it. 

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Don’t Be Fooled by the Latest Employment Report

U.S. History


Rising employment is certainly good news for the economy and living standards, but there is much more to this story that is concerning for the economy.

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Democracy's Road to Tyranny

DemocracyPolitical Theory

The popular pastime of modern democracies of punishing the diligent and thrifty, while rewarding the lazy, improvident, and unthrifty, is cultivated via the State, fulfilling a demo-egalitarian program based on a demo-totalitarian ideology.

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Decentralization: Why the EU May Be Better Than the US

World History


It's too late for American member states to assert real independence from the central government without facing an avalanche of legal, political, and even military opposition. Europeans would be wise to not put themselves in a similar position.

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Do Austrians "Hate Math"?

Booms and Busts


Quantitative methods are indeed useful and enlightening in the fields of economic history and descriptive economics. For Mises, however, these fields do not fall within the field of economics, narrowly understood. 

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Does Bitcoin Use "Too Much" Electricity?

Bureaucracy and Regulation


Elizabeth Warren has decided that bitcoin mining uses "too much" electricity. This raises an important question: Is Senator Warren qualified to decide on the "correct" amount of electricity usage? 

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Due Process on Campus Keeps Justice on the Streets

LawLegal System


The reality in colleges today becomes reality on the streets tomorrow. The privileged treatment of women under Title IX has had profound implications for campus sexual misconduct hearings that threaten due process for all.

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Decentralization, Absolutism, and the Papal States

Book Reviews


The Papal States offer a helpful case study in understanding the transformation of Europe in the nineteenth century. Unfortunately, Kertzer's study on the topic is couched in faulty notions of enlightenment and medievalism. 

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