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What Texas's Unilateral Immigration Policy Tells Us about Washington


What we’re beginning to see is policy ghettoization, wherein states pass laws that the most fervent activists on the left and right, respectively, cannot enact at the federal level.

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We Don't Need a Central Bank to Deal with Changes in the "Demand for Money"

Money and Banks


Just because the demand for money changes over time doesn't mean we need a money supply that changes over time also. 

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When a Fallacy Isn't Really a Fallacy

Book ReviewsPhilosophy


Michael Huemer has written outstanding book exposing many of the ways that many people fail to misunderstand logical fallacies in many ideological debates today. 

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Why Does the Fed Say Current Debt Levels Are not Sustainable?

U.S. Economy


A few months ago US national debt exceeded $28 trillion. This number is certainly the one economists usually work with, but does this figure capture a long-term perspective?

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Why So Many Americans Reject Legal Due Process in the Age of Covid

Property Rights


This new turn toward obedience to expert-fueled executive power didn’t appear from nowhere. Society has long been moving toward a model of society in which outcomes are more important than the protection of natural rights. 

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Where Prices Come From: Menger Explains

Value and Exchange


Because people strive to improve their condition, they exchange goods and, in this sense, they create the necessary conditions for the emergence of prices. Prices are simply an unintended consequence of the human quest to improve one's life.

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Why Rothbard Trended on Twitter This Weekend

Anti-PoliticsMonetary PolicyMoney and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking


On Friday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a link to Rothbard's essay "Anatomy of the State."

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Welfare Payments and Foreign Policy Fears Are the Only Things Holding America Together

U.S. Economy


Fear of China and Iran, combined with the more practical desire for continued “free” money from the federal government, will continue to fuel opposition to any serious movement toward secession.

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