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Hungarian Translations of Hoppe and Rothbard

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Meet Bálint Táborszki, he is bringing the literature of the Austrian economists to Hungary:

"Up until 1991, while the eyes of the Soviet empire were upon us, it was unthinkable and impossible to make the most basic free market literature available for the public here in Hungary. And it is still the case today that the works of Mises, of Rothbard, of the great Austrian thinkers are absolutely unavailable in Hungary — literally nothing, not even a single article by these writers is available in our language, and very few people speak English."

"These be dark times. Somebody has to translate these books and writings and bring it to the public, and it might as well be me though all I ever wanted to be is but a novelist writing about libertarian utopias. Thus far I have translated a few small essays and articles and Rothbard's Anatomy of the State and What Has Government Done to Our Money?, his Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure and Hans-Hermann Hoppe's What Must Be Done. My next book is Professor Rothbard's For a New Liberty."

We are happy to offer the Hungarian translations of these books, and others on mises.org.


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