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US Household Debt Rises to All-Time Highs

The Fed

05/17/2017Mises Wire
Spurred by 9 years of easy money, US household debt is back to peak levels not seen since 2008.
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Under Socialized Medicine, The State Owns You

HealthPolitical Theory

Defenders of socialized medicine swear there are no "death panels." But a recent case in the UK betrays this claim yet again.
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United Airlines Violence Illustrates the Problem with Government Monopolies

Monopoly and CompetitionPrivate Property

If airlines had monopoly power like states do, they could abuse people a lot more and face far fewer consequences.
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Understanding Money Creation and the Trade Balance

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

In the floating exchange rate framework, by means of monetary policy coordination central banks can create the illusion of currency stability.
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Updating Robert Higgs's "Gross Domestic Private Product"

Booms and BustsTaxes and SpendingBusiness Cycles

Although once controversial, government purchases are now included in GDP measurements. But, it may be still useful to remove these purchases from GDP.
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Understanding the Federal Reserve’s Shell Game

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

03/02/2016Mises Wire
Taxes usually aren't terribly popular with the people who pay the taxes. Fortunately — from the government's perspective — the central bank is there to help tax the people more without their noticing.
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Un-PC Lego Making Toys Girls Like

EntrepreneurshipSubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/18/2016Mises Wire
Lego has finally managed to attract girls to their products with the Lego Friends line. In response, feminists have denounced the line for being too "girly." But Lego is just responding to market demand and what Mises called consumer sovereignty.
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Understanding Argentina’s Coming Default

Booms and BustsMonetary Theory

07/30/2014Mises Wire
The problem is that Argentina had decided to once again prefer deficits and unrestrained government spending to paying its obligations.
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