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Playing Games with Stocks

Corporate WelfareCronyism and CorporatismFinancial Markets

Blog18 min ago

The GameStop saga—can we call it an insurrection?—wants easy heroes and villains. Both are available.

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Economics In One Lesson Is Still the Best Layman's Intro to Economics

Economic Policy

Blog3 hours ago

Hazlitt takes on a humble objective: to deliver an “unblushingly ‘classical,’ ‘traditional,’ and ‘orthodox’” synthesis of economics. This is the most fitting way to approach the layman, who will only retain a few lessons from an introductory book. 

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Taxation through a Rothbardian Lens

Taxes and SpendingInterventionism

Murray Rothbard was a pioneer in analyzing taxation from an Austrian or causal-realist standpoint. However, he never explicitly engaged the standard theory of deadweight loss from taxation. This article develops the Austrian analysis of taxation further toward this end

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What Rothbard's Defense of Religion Teaches Us about Resisting the Covid State

StrategyU.S. History

Blog8 hours ago

Murray Rothbard died more than a quarter century before the outbreak of the covid mania and tyranny, but if he were alive today, he wouldn’t be surprised to see that the most common resistance at an institutional level comes from churches.

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When I Toured East Berlin with Murray Rothbard

Money and Banking


Murray Rothbard didn’t need to explain to me on the bus why East Berlin, the so-called Paris of Eastern Europe, was a broken-down dump. He already had explained it to me in his numerous writings.

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What We've Learned from Israel's Covid Vaccine Program



The covid vaccine experience in Israel shows that one death is prevented for every 26,000 vaccine jabs, at a cost of $1 million. A single hospitalization is prevented with every 5,000 jabs, at a cost of $160,000 each. 

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The EU's Woes Are a Political Problem, Not an Economic One

Decentralization and SecessionGlobal EconomyProtectionism and Free Trade

The problem with the European Union is not that it seeks to integrate Europe's economies. The problem comes from attempts to integrate politics as well. 

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The True Cost of Taxation Is Much Higher Than Your Tax Bill


If we look beyond the mere tax revenue totals, we begin to understand that the cost of taxation to society is far higher than the tax revenue raised and that the costs to society of taxation grow faster than the size of government.

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